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Where to fish

Guernsey offers a diverse range of different fishing scenario's from wide open beaches through rocky gullies, hidden coves and cliff rocks to tranquil harbours and piers. Each one provides an extremely diverse environment and hundreds of places where you can fish.

There are some places which are out of bounds to anglers such as the Fishermans Quay but there are still more than enough other places you can wet a line.

Fill out the data below and click on Search for Mark to find a mark you should try!

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You can either search for a mark based on the above criteria or if you prefer, go to the maps. Hover over a mark to see it's name and click to go to information about it.

If you dont want to try out the marks on your own or if you are a visiting angler with limited time to fish, why not consider a fishing guide service. See our Guide page for information.

There are many marks in Guernsey, some easy to access other not so. We have explained in each case how to access each mark and if it is difficult to get there, bearing in mind you will be carrying all of your fishing gear!

Fishing from Castle Cornet