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Below is a list of different methods of fishing in Guernsey and how they might be employed. these are only suggestions and there are always different methods to try and catch different fish depending on conditions and the mark being fished. Please select a method from the list below:

Bottom Fishing
Light Float
Float Fishing

Method: Spinning

Common Species:

Squid or Cuttlefish strip
Jelly worms, Metal Spinners, artificial Sandeels or plugs

Spinning and plugging are really one and the same method just carried out slightly differently.

Spinning would cover the casting and retreival of most things whether it be a metal spinner or a dead sandeel. Plugging refers only to the use of artificial plugs which are cast and retrieved.

Both methods are great for a short trip and ideal for someone who wants to travel light and move around effortlessly, in fact I would recommend that you travel as light as possible and cover maximum ground moving along the shoreline casting to features such as rocks or retreiving over weed beds.

The tackle required is fairly basic but you can spend a lot of money if you are not cautious in what you buy, many anglers are caught on the lure when in the shop rather than the fish!!

Basic Tackle requirements are:
  • Light rod of 10 to 12ft in length
  • Small Fixed spool reel or baitcaster style multiplier reel
  • 10-12lb monofilament line or braided line up to 25lb
  • Selection of artificial lures such as spinners, plugs and rubber or jelly worms/sandeels
  • Bum bag or small rucksack to carry a drink/food and spare tackle
  • Landing Net

  • A landing net may seem cumbersome but can be essential as some larger fish such as bass can be difficult to land without a net and where you can't easily get right down to water level due to waves or the structure of rock you may be fishing from.

    It is normally important to get as close to the water as possible when spinning or plugging or at least be able to hold the rod tip down close to sea level. This is required as if fishing from above, it makes it very difficult to get a light lure to work down under the surface or keep a shallow diving plug working correctly.

    One exception is using a jelly work/sandeel or a live sandeel on a spinning rig with a lead as this will sink much more successfully.

    Spinning Rig