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Below is a list of different methods of fishing in Guernsey and how they might be employed. these are only suggestions and there are always different methods to try and catch different fish depending on conditions and the mark being fished. Please select a method from the list below:

Bottom Fishing
Light Float
Float Fishing

Method: Light Float

Common Species:
Grey Mullet
Black Bream

Other Baits
Mackerel Pieces
Squid strip

I have classed this separately to normal float fishing though it is very similar in approach.

This is a method normally described as Mullet fishing but it is equally at home when fishing for Bream or Garfish and Mackerel.

A very light float and rod is used to give minimum resistance to the fish making the bait seem as natural as possible.

I personally use a barbell rod rated at 1.5lb test curve and for a float either a freshwater waggler from 3AAA to a 6g Piker float in windy or rougher conditions. A bubble float may also be used at times when distance casting is required to reach the fish.

A very light float is used so that the fish, when taking the bait, feels very little resistance. When fishing for a fish such as Mullet, they can be very wary and will not take the bait if they have any suspicion that it isnít right.

Light Float Rig