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Below is a list of different methods of fishing in Guernsey and how they might be employed. these are only suggestions and there are always different methods to try and catch different fish depending on conditions and the mark being fished. Please select a method from the list below:

Bottom Fishing
Light Float
Float Fishing

Method: Freelining

Common Species:
Grey Mullet
Black Bream

Live Sandeel
live prawn
other live fish baits
Hardback Crab for Wrasse

Freelining is a very popular method and a little secretive with some. It is the best way to present a bait at it's most natural with little resistance from the line or weights and swivels. It can be deadly effective for species such as Bass when using live sandeel.

The hook is tied direct to the mainline and the cast is powered by the weight of the bait itself rather than a lead, hook size depends on species sought and the bait size itself.

I have found that a very luight rod is the best way to go here. A carp or barbel rod is best with a test curve of 1.5lb. A rod like this will gently cast up to 1.5oz of weight and so is ideal for both freelining and mullet fishing.

The mainline needed will depend on the situation but 14lb braid is nice to use. If using braid, take care to choose a more supply type such as Fireline XDS which will allow full movement from the bait, other braided lines can be quite stiff and take away the natural movement from the bait.

The hooking of fish using this method is a little hit and miss, there are several ways of thinking and it seems that personal preference should dictate what you do. Some people on feeling a bite like to drop the rod tip immediately and then lift into the fish when the line tightens while others prefer to let the fish run with the bait on a very light drag so that no resistance is felt.

It would seem most natural that a bait is left as free as possible and the fish be left to take line with no resistance, when a bite is felt, line is allowed to be taken and when the line stops being taken (because the fish has changed direction or stopped running, or even let go!!), you can lift gently into the fish until you feel the weight, a full strike should not be used.

A hook on the end of the line!! Try using a larger hook (6/0 or 7/0) with live eels and targeting bass to allow a better hook up.