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Below is a list of different methods of fishing in Guernsey and how they might be employed. these are only suggestions and there are always different methods to try and catch different fish depending on conditions and the mark being fished. Please select a method from the list below:

Bottom Fishing
Light Float
Float Fishing

Method: Float Fishing

Common Species:

Squid or Cuttlefish strip
Strips of Fish Baits

Float fishing is a method of displaying the bait away from the seabed either because the species sought feeds in mid or high water or due to particularly heavy ground where snags are very likely and lost tackle may result from bottom fishing.

Floats vary in size and are normally quoted as requiring a certain weight to set them to a vertical position with the coloured part only showing above the water. The size required is normally dictated by the species sought and the tide/wind conditions. A lighter float requiring 0.5oz would be suitable for a small bait such as a sandeel in lighter winds whereas a mackerel head in rougher weather may require a 2oz float. It is always best to fish with as light a float as possible as this gives the fish minimal resistance when taking the bait as hence more confidence.

A float can also be trotted around in the tide to reach areas outside of casting range. To do this, choose an area where the tide runs away from you, cast the float into the tide and allow it to drift away, feeding line as it goes until it reaches the desired position.

A sliding float stop is the norm where you can set the depth of the float as required and quickly adjust it without having to re-rig your gear. As a general guide fish like garfish are normally high in the water up to 8ft, Mackerel mid water from 12 to 20 feet and pollack nearer the bottom, this however changes according to the area being fished and how deep the water is.

With all float fishing, shirvy can be used to draw the fish closer to the hookbait and is very effective for species like Garfish and Bream.

Basic Float Fishing Rig