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The hard fighting wrasse lives in the rockiest haunts and it can be very difficult to land a larger fish.

There are many species but only two are of real interest to the angler. The Ballan wrasse is the main target so I will cover it in depth below. Most of the detail also applies to the cuckoo wrasse.


A heavy bodied fish with large heavy duty scales. The colour can vary quite dramatically between different areas and even fish in the same area can vary somewhat.

The main colours are greens, browns and reds, often with coloured spots, normally white or lightly coloured.


Ballan wrasse can grow over 10lb in weight though the record stands just over 9lb specimens in excess of 10lb have been caught but have not passed the rigours of the record committee.

A young boy recently captured a fish which was weighed well over 10lb but the fish was eaten before formal identification and weighing could be carried out.


Wrasse can be captured all year round and sport with small specimens is enjoyed by young rods during the summer months. The larger wrasse are often targeted in Autumn and Winter months.


Worm baits account for the majority of smaller fish. For the larger fish, hardback green crabs are very good. Other baits to try include scallop frills and other shellfish such as limpets, cockles or mussels.

Best Baits:
King Ragworm
Harbour Ragworm
White Ragworm
Scallop Frills

Good Baits:
Other Baits

Other Baits to try:


Bottom Fishing for Wrasse is best, they are not often taken far from the sea bed. A weak link to the lead is a good idea as you will invariably be fishing heavy, tackle hungry ground.

Larger Ballan Wrasse can sometimes be taken when using plugs fishing for Bass over heavy ground.

A strong rod and good reel is needed to target the bigger specimens as they really do give quite an account for themselves.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
Castle Cornet Rocks
Havelet Bay
Bathing Pools
La Ricou
Bec Du Nez
Marble Bay
Divette Pier
St Martins Point - Battery
Le Gouffre
Pezeries Point
Opposite Route de Coudre
Slipway near Saline Road
Battery near Saline Road
L'Eree Shinglebank
Fort Le Crocq Slip
Vazon Centre Reef
Fort Hommet
Albecq South Rocks
Port Soif - Little Island
Port Grat
Grande Havre / Amarreurs
Ladies Bay
Le Grande Camps
Jaonneause Bay
Fort Le Marchant
St Sampsons Harbour
Rocks Behind Aquastar
Richmond Corner
Belle Greve Bay
La Salerie
East Arm
Vazon Richmond
Le Creux Mahie
Pecqueries Bay
Le Long Cavaleaux


To view information on certain species, please select a species from the species page.