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Considered the scum of the sea to bass anglers when they take the lovely crab bait meant for a bass.


Fairly easy to identify, there are two main species of rockling likely to be caught, the shore rockling and the Three Bearded (often referred to as the 3B).

The shore rockling (top picture) is normally brown all over and has three barbles on it's chin, a slimy fish which is all head and tail.

The Three bearded rockling is often a brown colour but will often have leaopard type markings on it's back.


The Shore rockling record is just over a lb and the 3B just over 3lb. A 3B of over 1lb can be classed a specimen.



Pretty much any nice looking bass bait will catch you the smallest rockling on the beach...

Best Baits:

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:


If you really want to try and catch one, get fishing over some ground with boulders present and chuck a fishy bait in. They are rather partial to a nice bit of verm.

Where to Catch:

Pecqueries Bay


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