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Red Mullet

Looking completely different from the grey mullets, the red mullet is a bottom feeder caught largely in the evening and at night. This is a seriously tasty fish so if you catch something decent, keep it for the pot!


The Red Mullet is a red/pink colour often with tinges of orange. They have a large eye and a blunt looking head with a small mouth on the underside giving away the fact it is a bottom feeder. The chin has a small barbule underneath.


Red Mullet can grow to just under 4lb in weight. A good fish is anything over 1Żlb in weight and the average size is small. The large fish in the picture weighed 3lb 4oz.


Red Mullet are predominantly late Summer and Autumn Species with the majority of fish taken in September and October.


I have found that the only really successful baits for Red Mullet are king ragworm and lugworm though they can sometimes be taken on scallop frills.

Best Baits:
King Ragworm
Harbour Ragworm

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:
White Ragworm


Fishing on the bottom is the way to go here as the Red Mullet is a bottom feeding species. They prefer a clean sandy bottom and are often caught by the Bream angler fishing clean ground.

Best time of day by far is dusk and dawn on half light, they seem to feed prolifically at this time and then a little after dark. Rarely caught during daylight but I have had one or two in the day before.

Where to Catch:

Yacht Club Slipway
St Peter Port Breakwater
Bathing Pools
Cowhorn - Les Terres Point
Fermain Moorings
Fermain Bay
Bec Du Nez
Marble Bay
Divette Pier
St Martins Point - Battery
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse



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