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A bit of a problem fish at times, mainly after dark.

The majority are small but they can get to a couple of pounds from the shore.


A plump silver fish, very small scales and a big eye.

Hard to mistake for anything else with the barbuls under the chin as well.


The average size would be about half a pound, a specimen being over 1lb in weight.

They do get bigger but it's a fish not really targetted other than during competition.


There will be smaller fish through most of the year but ultimately an autumn fish


Fishy baits are the norm when targetting pout, sandeel or mackerel fillet on a smaller hook.

They will however take most things offered to them including worm baits meant for other species.

Best Baits:

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:


Bottom fishing is the way to go, normally found over mixed and clean ground close to shore but can be caught near wrecks and reefs when on the boat.

A simple 2 hook rig with size 1 hooks will be the best bet here unless you need to clip down for distance at the mark you are fishing.

Where to Catch:


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