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Pollack are a fish often found in deeper water and fall prey to float and spinning tactics.


The Pollack is a long, narrow streamlined fish well adapted for the speed at which it often takes your bait. Colour varies somewhat on the back from dark green to olive or bronze colours. The flanks fade through bronze colours to a paler belly.


The majority of shore caught pollack are a small average size between 1lb and 2lb. A good fish would be anything over 5lb though the Bailiwick shore caught record is over 16lb, a double figure fish is rare from the shore.


Smaller fish can be captured through most of the year though the main catches occur from May through to the start of winter.


Sandeel is the most popular and effective bait but these fish like Artificial lures and a jelly worm or Redgill will work very well when retrieved slowly in the right places.

A head hooked ragworm under a float can be deadly at last light.

Best Baits:

Good Baits:
Squid and Cuttlefish
White Ragworm

Other Baits to try:


Float Fishing and Spinning are the most popular methods though Pollack can sometimes be captured on a bottom fished bait.

Spinning slowly with an artificial lure or sandeel as close to the bottom is probably the best method to follow. Floats should be set deep and as close to the bottom as possible.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
Bathing Pools
Cowhorn - Les Terres Point
St Martins Point
Le Gouffre
Pezeries Point
Fort Grey
Opposite Route de Coudre
Battery near Saline Road
Fort Hommet
Le Grande Camps
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse
Fort Le Marchant
Fort Doyle
The Lace
St Sampsons Harbour
Rocks Behind Aquastar
East Arm
Vazon Richmond
Le Creux Mahie
Le Long Cavaleaux


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