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The Mackerel is very well known to most and a good fish to eat as well as a top bait. Normally captured using float or spinning gear in deeper water.


The back of the Mackerel is a wonderful shiny, oily rainbow colour interspersed with black bars which extend down the sides to a silvery belly again with an oily sheen.


The record is close to 3lb locally but anything over 1lb in weight can be considered a good fish.


Mackerel are a summer fish and are present between late May and September.


As for the Garfish, the Mackerel likes a sandeel bait, alive if possible, other good baits include strips of Garfish or mackerel though they can also be taken on worm baits on occasion.

Artificial baits work very well, spinners being a firm favourite from some marks.

Best Baits:

Good Baits:
Squid and Cuttlefish

Other Baits to try:


Float Fishing or spinning are the only real methods worth trying though you will on occasion catch bottom feeding Mackerel.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
St Peter Port Breakwater
St Martins Point - Battery
St Martins Point
Le Gouffre
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse
Fort Doyle
The Lace
East Arm
Corvalet Bay


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