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Grey Mullet

A difficult fish to catch at the best of times. They can often be seen cumulating in large shoals in and around our harbours but can be found almost anywhere along our coastline where food can be found.

Areas with large amounts of rotting seaweed or a nearby sewage outfall often attract these fish.


There are 3 different species of Grey Mullet which you may encounter. The Thick Lipped, Thin Lipped and Golden Grey Mullet. They are all similar in identification.

They are broad across the back and head, almost flat on top with a blunt nose, small moth and soft extending lips. The scales are large and hard.

The colour varies on the back from blue-grey to light grey with silver sides and white belly. The Golden Grey has a conspicuous golden spot on the cheek and gill cover (see bottom photo).


The local record for the thick lipped which is the more common is just under 12lb though a fish of that size is rare indeed. The average size is probably nearer to 3lb with a fish over 5lb being excellent.

The thin lipped mullet record is a few ounces over 2lb and the Golden Grey a shade over 3lb. It goes to say that a fish over a pound in either species is a good catch.


The main season for all of these fish would be between May and February. the larger fish seem to show more in the colder winter months.


All manner of baits can be used to tempt the Mullet. Bread is a firm favourite with most but maggots can also be used if you are fishing near rotting seaweed.

The Golden Grey is often targeted using small Harbour Ragworm in bunches on a small hook.

Best Baits:
Other Baits

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:


The Mullets are normally targeted with very light float gear and small hooks. The use of ground bait is common and indeed advisable to draw the fish closer to your swim and hold them there.

Where to Catch:

Castle Cornet Rocks
Havelet Bay
Bathing Pools
Cowhorn - Les Terres Point
Fermain Moorings
La Ricou
Bec Du Nez
Marble Bay
Divette Pier
St Martins Point - Battery
Le Gouffre
Fort Grey
Opposite Route de Coudre
Fort Le Crocq Slip
Fort Hommet
Albecq South Rocks
Cobo Rocks (opposite Carpark)
Port Soif - Little Island
Grande Havre / Amarreurs
Fort Doyle
Belle Greve Bay
La Salerie
East Arm




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