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The Garfish is known locally as the Longnose, perhaps obviously due to their long beak like mouth which is lined with very sharp teeth to cut the unwary angler.


There is only one fish the Garfish can be mixed up with and that is the saury pike which isn't really caught in local waters.

The garfish is a long slim fish with a long beak like mouth full of very sharp teeth which can give a nasty nip.

Colouring varies from blue/green on the back to silver underside. The scales are large and easily come off in clumps when you handle the fish.


The Garfish grows to almost 4lb though the local record is just under 3lb as I write. The average size is around Żlb and a fish over 1lb can be considered a specimen.


Garfish seem to be the ever present species in our waters but they are normally targeted between June and December. The are a popular fish in the summer months especially with the younger anglers.


Sandeel is probably the best bait for these fish though at times strips of mackerel or their own flesh prove very effective.

Remember to keep the bait small as the bony beak is not easy to get a hook hold in so the bait needs to get into the fish's mouth.

Best Baits:

Good Baits:
Squid and Cuttlefish

Other Baits to try:


Float Fishing is the way to go with this fish. Keep the bait shallow, no deeper than 6 feet on most occasions. The Garfish likes to attack from below and will, on occasion, come out of the water when attacking your bait.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
St Peter Port Breakwater
Castle Cornet Rocks
Havelet Bay
Bathing Pools
Cowhorn - Les Terres Point
Fermain Moorings
St Martins Point - Battery
St Martins Point
Le Gouffre
Fort Grey
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse
Fort Doyle
The Lace
St Sampsons Harbour
Belle Greve Bay
La Salerie
East Arm
Corvalet Bay
Le Long Cavaleaux


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