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There are two species of dogfish in Guernsey waters, the Lesser Spotted and the Greater Spotted of Bull Huss. The latter can attain weights well into double figures while the Lesser Spotted Dogfish reaches around 3lb locally.

This may seem small to those in the UK but that's how big they get here!


There are two species of Dogfish in Guernsey waters. The Lesser-Spotted is a pale sandy colour with small darker spots and pale belly. The Greater-Spotted or Bull Huss is a darker colour and has larger spots.


The Lesser-Spotted grows to around 3lb in Guernsey waters, the record being just below. A specimen fish being above 2lb.

The Bull Huss grows much larger with specimens reaching nearly 20lb. the average size would be around 7 or 8lb.


The Dogfish species are caught more in Autumn and Winter months from September through to January though they will sometimes be around for longer.


The Lesser-Spotted dogfish is well known for snaffling baits meant for other species. They will take almost any bait especially if a hungry shoal is moving through the mark.

If you are trying to catch one, the better baits are Squid or Cuttlefish, sandeel or mackerel.

The Bull Huss is not so easy to catch as the Lesser-Spotted, the best baits being Squid or Cuttlefish or mackerel.

Best Baits:
Squid and Cuttlefish

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:
King Ragworm
Harbour Ragworm
Scallop Frills


Bottom fishing is he way to go. Lesser-Spotted dogfish prefer bottoms or sand or gravel, the Bull Huss preferring slightly rougher ground.

A strong rod is useful as the Dogfish seem to make themselves feel 3 times their weight through the water despite giving little fight.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
Le Long Cavaleaux



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