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The heavy weight conger eel resides in the rockiest areas of the coast of Guernsey. Growing to some 60lb in weight they will test even the strongest tackle and strongest arms.

A night feeding fish normally, but can on occasion be caught during daylight hours in deeper water.


The Conger is difficult to confuse with any other fish except the common eel when you land a small whip (conger under 5lb).

The Conger has a large eye and a very large mouth for the size of it's head. The body is long, muscular and snake like.

The colour can vary from jet black to pale grey on the back with the belly from grey to white. The colour depends partly on the type of ground the conger frequents.


Conger can grow to an immense size with specimens over 150lb being landed from time to time by commercial fishermen.

The average size would probably fall between 8 and 15lb with a 30lb fish being a good fish.


Conger can be caught through most of the year but are predominantly an autumn and winter fish.


Most fish baits work but the best is a side of fresh mackerel, live pout or sections of garfish. Squid and Cuttlefish also work very well.

Best Baits:
Other Baits

Good Baits:
Squid and Cuttlefish
Scallop Frills

Other Baits to try:


Conger are big strong fish so it goes without saying that some heavy duty gear is required. A strong beachcaster coupled with a 7000 size multiplier loaded with 25lb line will suffice.

Strong hooks are a must and wire or heavy nylon traces should be used as you never know when a larger fish will show.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
Castle Cornet Rocks
Bathing Pools
Bec Du Nez
Marble Bay
Divette Pier
St Martins Point - Battery
St Martins Point
Telegraph Bay
Le Gouffre
Le Long Cavaleaux


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