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Black Bream

Black Bream are a scrappy little fish which provide great sport through the summer months into winter. Can sometimes be very finicky and requires some patience but normally is a very positive fish.


The Black Bream is a deep bodied fish. The Bream is scaled all over and has sharp spines on the dorsal fin and further spines on the anal fin. The eye is large and the small bony mouth contains a row of sharp teeth.


The Black Bream can grow to over 6lb in weight but the average size is more like 0.5lb to 1.5lb, a good fish is anything over 3lb. A specimen is over 2lb.


Bream visit our waters from early Summer, through Autumn to early Winter, the majority of fish being caught between July and November though there are still some around during December and occasionally January.


Bream will take most baits if given a chance but the best baits are scallop frills, squid or cuttlefish and ragworm. Ragworm tipped with scallop frills or squid can get these fish biting if they are finicky.

Best Baits:
King Ragworm
Harbour Ragworm
Squid and Cuttlefish
Scallop Frills

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:
White Ragworm


Nearly all Bream are caught when fishing on the bottom, either on sand or mixed gravel and rocks, they like eel grass beds and scallop rich grounds.

They do fall to float tactics in shallower water or when deep float fishing for Pollack.

Recommend you try mullet technique for them, light float gear and oily shirvy with bread for bait.

Where to Catch:

White Rock
St Peter Port Breakwater
Castle Cornet Rocks
Bathing Pools
Cowhorn - Les Terres Point
Fermain Moorings
La Ricou
Bec Du Nez
Marble Bay
Divette Pier
St Martins Point - Battery
St Martins Point
Telegraph Bay
Saints Harbour
Le Gouffre
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse
Fort Le Marchant
The Lace
Spur Point - Lower Rocks
East Arm


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