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What can I say? this is pretty much the species that most anglers strive to catch at some point in their life. Many anglers fish solely for these fish, so many that there are two local clubs dedicated to catching only Bass.

Bass are superb fighters and a double figure fish is the fish of a lifetime. As they get older they seem to become more and more wily and aware of anything which is not quite natural, making them one of the most difficult fish to catch.


The Bass is a streamlined fish though heavily built. The scales are hard and medium sized covering the body and gill covers.

The gill covers have very sharp edges and care should be taken when handing. The first dorsal fin contains 8 or 9 sharp spines while the second is softer.

Colour varies from steel blue to dark green on the back through silver on the flank to white underneath.


Bass can grow to more than 20lb in weight, though the British record has not yet reached that milestone.

A 10lb+ fish can be considered the fish of a lifetime.

The average size is between 2 and 5lb, anything smaller being considered a school bass (schoolie).


Bass our present in Island waters all the year round but the majority are captured between April and November.


The list of baits which Bass will take is almost endless as, by nature, they are a scavenging fish.

The more popular baits are live sandeel, king ragworm, verm, crab and artificial lures such as plugs. A sometimes deadly bait is a free-lined live pout fished after dark. Fresh razorfishcan be the decisive bait after a blow..

Best Baits:
King Ragworm
Harbour Ragworm
Squid and Cuttlefish
White Ragworm

Good Baits:

Other Baits to try:
Other Baits


Bass can be caught in such a wide variety of different places on so many different types of ground, most methods work at some time or another.

Some of the more popular methods are plugging/spinning, surf fishing or rock fishing into heavy ground and/or weed.

Where to Catch:

Havelet Bay
Bathing Pools
Fermain Bay
St Martins Point
Telegraph Bay
Petit Port
Moulin Huet
Saints Bay
Saints Harbour
Petit Bot
Le Gouffre
Pezeries Point
Fort Grey
Opposite Route de Coudre
Slipway near Saline Road
Battery near Saline Road
L'Eree Near Water Pipe
L'Eree North Slip
L'Eree North Rocks
Lihou Causeway
L'Eree Shinglebank
Le Catioroc Pipe
Fort Le Crocq Slip
Vazon Left Battery
Vazon Centre Reef
Vazon North
Fort Hommet
Albecq South Rocks
Lion Rock
Cobo Bay
Cobo Rocks (opposite Carpark)
Grandes Rocques
Port Soif - Little Island
Port Soif
Rocks Behind Pulias
Port Grat
Grande Havre / Amarreurs
Ladies Bay
Le Grande Camps
Jaonneause Bay
Big Bill / Slipper / Pembroke
Cartlines / L'Ancresse
The Lace
St Sampsons Harbour
Rocks Behind Aquastar
Richmond Corner
Belle Greve Bay
La Salerie
Vazon Richmond
Le Creux Mahie
Pecqueries Bay
Le Long Cavaleaux




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