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Two Hook Flapper

Two hooks fished above the lead.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Two Hook Flapper


Scratching rig


Almost All Species at some time.

How to Build:

Tie on the lead clip. Thread onto the line; crimps, bead, swivel, bead, crimp, crimp, bead, swivel, bead, crimp, then tie on the swivel to attach to the mainline/leader.

Position the swivel towards the swivel onto the mainline and crimp into place. Make sure it isnít too tight that the swivel can't spoin round. Next crimp the other swivel in place about half way down the main rig length.

Tie on the hooklength to the swivels and attach hook to suit species. Make sure the hooklength from the top swivel doesn't go past the middle swivel and the hooklength from the middle swivel doesnít go below the lead as this may cause it to snag up. It is possible to use stop knots in place of the crimps.

Components Needed:

4 Beads,
2 trace swivels,
1 large swivel,
1 lead link,
Heavy Line (50lb) for lead to swivel,
2 Hooklengths (25lb),
2 Hooks

Ground to use on:

Rock, Sandy, Weed most grounds and a rotten bottom can be added.


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