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Running Ledger

Simple Rig where the lead is allowed to run free up and down the mainline/leader.

Allows a fish to pick up the bait without immediately feeling the weight of the lead.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Running Ledger


Helps keep a bait tight on the bottom or with a long hooklength it can swing around in the tide.

Can be used with different size hooks depending on the species,


Bass, Plaice. Most species. Good for bottom feeding fish and those finicky when feeling the weight of the lead.

How to Build:

Slide the lead onto the mainline/leader, thread on a bead, tie on a swivel. Now tie the hooklength to the other end of the swivel down to the hook. You can use attractors such as beads and sequins with this one.

Components Needed:


Ground to use on:

Normally used on cleaner ground as this rig puts the bait on or near the bottom. Use on rougher ground can mean lost hooks.


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