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Rotten Bottom Rig

A rig which has a short length of low b/s line to the lead.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Rotten Bottom Rig


For fishing heavy or rough ground where the lead is likely to get caught up.


Wrasse, Bass, Conger and other species who inhabit very rough ground.

How to Build:

A few methods, if casting you need to use a rotten bottom clip which will allow you to tie the trace body to one end and a short length of weak line to the other, the lead clips on the open bottom end of the clip for casting.

on some rigs which are NOT used for casting, you may just use a weaker line on the lead length.

Components Needed:

A rotten bottom clip and/or some weak line.

Ground to use on:

Designed for rough rocky ground where tackle losses may be heavy.



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