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Pulley Rig

This rig as the name suggests acts with a pulley system through the swivel attached the the mainline/leader to allow the lead to be pulled clear of any snags when a fish is on.
It can be clipped down to allow for distance casting.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Pulley Rig


Often used when fishing for larger species or over mixed ground which you might get caught up but a rotten bottom rig is a step too far.


Almost All species at some time.

How to Build:

Tie on the lead clip, thread on the impact shield then a bead and a crimp.
Thread on a swivel and another bead before tying on the swivel. Fix the impact shield in place before fising the crimp just above the bead and shield.

Tie the hooklength, and then the hook.

Components Needed:

Impact Shield (optional),
2 Beads,
2 Swivels,
Heavy Line (50lb) for lead to swivel,
Hooklength (25lb)

Ground to use on:

Most types but best on sandy, clean grounds, OK on mixed ground that doesn't quite need a rotten bottom rig.


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