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Pennell Rig

Basically, a pennell rig is one where there are two hook together to hold larger baits properly.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Pennell Rig


For large baits or to better present baits.


Conger, Bass, Tope, Pollack, Ray, anything which takes a large bait

How to Build:

Slide one hook onto the trace leaving it free running and then tie the second hook as normal. When loading a bait, the tied hook goes on first, then wrap the trace around the second hook and slide the hook so you can nick it through the top of the bait holding it in position.

Components Needed:

Generally a pennell is simply a rig with 2 hooks on one trace so you can adapt this to most of the other rigs listed.

Ground to use on:

Any ground, Mixed, Sand, Weed etc, you can add a pennell with 2 hooks to any rig to suit bait size.


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