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Light Float Rig

Light float rig, similar to course fishing set ups.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Light Float Rig


Fishing for Grey Mullet but you often get Garfish and Bream in shirvy trails so they are worth a mention.


Grey Mullet, Bream, Garfish

How to Build:

Thread on the fisrt bead followed by the float, thread on another bead then tie on the swivel.

Tie on the hooklength and hook then clip the shot between float and bead.

Components Needed:

2 Small beads,
Course Float,
Lead shot appropriate to float,
tiny swivel,
small hook (size 6 or smaller).

Ground to use on:

Any as you are normally fishing very shallow but as you will be using very light line avoid heavy surface weed.


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