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Conger Trace

A heavy duty trace and large sting hook for tough mouths and sharp teeth.

Name of Rig/Knot:

Conger Trace


Fishing for conger or tope.


Conger, Tope and any other large species with sharp teeth.

How to Build:

Slide the lead onto the mainline/leader, thread on a bead, tie on a swivel. Now tie the hooklength to the other end of the swivel down to the hook. You can use a weak link to the lead if required (use a swivel on the mainline and lighterline to the lead).

Components Needed:

Large Swivel,
Big wide gape Hook (6/0 to 10/0),
Hooklength (in 100lb+ nylon or wire.

Ground to use on:

Heavy Ground normally but use a weak link if required.


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