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White Ragworm

The White Ragworm is a relative of the King and Harbour ragworm. Known locally as catbait.


The white ragworm is a pearly white in colour and has a protruding tongue with small pincers.

Where to Get It:

This worm can only be gathered on the lowest of spring tides from a few selected areas around the coast. Places to try include Grande Harve and Cobo.

How to Keep Fresh:

White ragworm should be stored in a bucket with a few inches of fresh seawater in the bottom. The water should be checked and changed regularly as the worms movement will warm the water and diminish oxygen supplies.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Wrasse, Bass, Plaice, Sole
Good For:Pollack, Gurnard, Triggerfish
Variable For:Bream, Red Mullet



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