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Verm is a local worm known as one of the best baits if you can dig it.


Verm is a large fleshy worm which can grow to sizes rivalling King ragworm. Its colour can vary significantly from place to place. It is a very firm worm and stays on the hook much better than other worms.

Watch the teeth, much worse than king rag if you get bitten.

Where to Get It:

Verm can only be found on selected beaches at the lowest mark of a spring tide. It is normally found in the hardest of grounds normally in solid rock. Beaches worth a try include the rocky areas at the low tide mark on Belle Greve Bay.

How to Keep Fresh:

The worms should be kept in a container well lined with newspaper and with wood shavings or sawdust to keep them dry.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Wrasse, Bass, Plaice, Sole, Triggerfish, Red Mullet
Good For:Gurnard, Bream
Variable For:Pollack



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