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Scallop Frills

The bit left over once you have eaten the scallop! An excellent bait for bream and many other species locally.


The scallop frill consists of the scallops mantle, the frilly bit around the edge (hence the name), along with the stomach and other organs.

Where to Get It:

Can be obtained in frozen packs from most tackle shops or by scrounging from the divers who collect the scallops.

How to Keep Fresh:

Scallop frills can be frozen and do not seem to be affected if defrosted and refrozen a few times. As with all bait, when in use they should be kept away from direct sunlight and in a cool place, a cool box being ideal.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Bream, Wrasse
Good For:Gurnard, Small Conger, Triggerfish
Variable For:Dogfish


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