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A very popular bait which will take most species of fish at one time or another. They always fish best when used live but if you cannot get them the next best thing are fresh or blast frozen packs by companies such as Ammo.


There are two main species of Sandeel, the Greater, also known as the launce, and the Lesser.

The greater is a large fish, sometimes up to a foot in length. The lesser sandeel is a much smaller fish normally between 3 and 7 inches long. Both species have protruding lips which they use to funnel plankton when swimming.

Where to Get It:

Fresh sandeel are easy to obtain locally, during the summer months from the fishmonger in the market. They can be purchased live from some of the local tackle shops, and if you ask nicely, a local skipper may sell you a few of his.

You could also try in the fish quay if the commercial skippers have any left after supplying the commercial fisherman for charter trips, you may be able to purchase a couge full.

Local tackle shops will nearly always have a supply of frozen sandeel whether they are the more expensive blast frozen variety imported from the UK, or just a bag of local ones frozen by the tackle dealer.

How to Keep Fresh:

Live eels should be kept in a bucket of cool seawater with an aerator pump or in a couge held in the sea at the fishing mark. Dead eels should be kept cool and out of the sun as they do not last well.

If freezing your own eels, it is advisable to keep them separate when freezing them and freeze them on a metal tray which has been cooled to freezer temperature. this will allow for very fast freezing.

Once frozen, they can be bagged together in session sized packs.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Bass, Mackerel, Garfish, Pollack
Good For:Gurnard, Dogfish, Small Conger
Variable For:Wrasse, Plaice, Sole


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