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Razorfish are a type of mollusc shaped like an old fashioned razor, hence the name.


Often a shade of colours from dark brown to white with all colours in between.

Where to Get It:

These can be purchased frozen from tackle shops but personally I find fresh much better.

Razorfish can be collected from sandy beaches such as Cobo on extreme low tides. Their burrows can be identified by a small keyhole shaped hole, you will often see them expel jets of water from the burrows as you walk near them.

They can be persuaded out of their burrow by pouring fine salt down their burrow. The razorfish will come to the surface to expel the salt in a few minutes. If this fails, the traditional method of digging can be tried, attempting to avoid stabbing them.

How to Keep Fresh:

Razorfish should be kept in a bucket and kept cool. They can be frozen with some success.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Bass, Pollack, Bream, Plaice, Sole
Good For:Gurnard, Wrasse
Variable For:Dogfish


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