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Other Baits

The list of other baits which I have not covered here is almost endless. Nearly everything can and has been used a bait for something or other at some time.

When mullet fishing for example you may use bread, maggots or pieces of garden worm. If you can eat it yourself try it for bait, you may be surprised! After your beach barbie, throw out a line with the left over sausage, Bass are a scavenger and could just pick it up.


Depends on the bait. We all know what a loaf of bread looks like??

The most commonly used "other" baits include:

Prawn or Shrimp,
Slugs and Snails,

Where to Get It:

Most of these baits can be found in a supermarket or scavenged form most beaches.

How to Keep Fresh:

It depends on the bait. Keep winkles, prawns and shrimps in sea water with some seaweed.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Grey Mullet, Conger
Good For:Wrasse
Variable For:Bass

To view information on certain species, please select a species from the species page.