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Lugworm are possibly the easiest worms to collect in Guernsey. They can be dug on nearly every beach on the island.


A soft worm which can vary in colour but is most normally a dark brown or black colour.

Where to Get It:

Most sandy beaches on the island have a population of lugworm.

Their burrows can be easily recognised by the distinctive casts left on the surface of the sand after they have excavated their burrows. The other end of the burrow is marked with a blowhole.

The burrow is U shaped and the worm will usually lie at the centre of the burrow. They are best dug with a small flat pronged fork.

How to Keep Fresh:

After collection, the worms should be rinsed of any excess sand and stored on several layers or slightly damp newspaper, in a cool dark place.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Red Mullet, Plaice, Sole
Good For:Bass, Wrasse
Variable For:Gurnard



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