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Harbour Ragworm

The Harbour Ragworm is the smaller cousin of the King ragworm, growing to only around 6 inches in length.

Harbour Ragworm are often tipped with another bait such as squid or mackerel to make them even more irresistible to fish.


The harbour rag is very similar to the King rag but is much smaller.

They are known locally as rockbait and on the mainland as Maddies.

Where to Get It:

Rockbait can be dug on many beaches in Guernsey. They are found in gravelly areas interspersed with larger rocks. It can be hard going digging them out but they are worthwhile.

How to Keep Fresh:

Harbour ragworm should be kept in a container either lined with newspaper in peat or vermiculite.

Kept cool, they will last for up to a week so long as you take care to check for dead worms every day and remove them from the rest to avoid them all going off.

Species to Catch:
Excellent For:Wrasse, Bass, Plaice, Sole, Red Mullet, Bream
Good For:Gurnard, Triggerfish
Variable For:Dogfish


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