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Welcome to Fishing Guernsey

Fishing Guernsey is a website designed to aid both local and visiting anglers to the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It aims to provide information regarding species available and how, where and when to fish for them. Check out the rest of the site for more information about Guernsey and the fishing available.

We are continually developing the site and adding further information, so please come back often and see what you can learn about fishing in Guernsey.

Fishing in Guernsey offers a diverse range of species to catch and styles of fishing to adopt and learn for the angler. Fishing here is calm and relaxing if you want it to be or exciting if you want to spin for Bass or float fish in a shoal of Mackerel. Anglers can enjoy fishing for and catching an astonishing range of different species. Bass, Bream, Ballan Wrasse, Grey Mullet, Conger, all are available from our shores.

If you have any information about angling in Guernsey and are willing to share it with us, please drop us an email at or visit the
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